BrainTap Headset: A Review

Imagine a device that lets you reach a deeper meditative state, mental clarity, and intuition without requiring years of disciplined practice. Not only that, but the device also improves your sleep and helps you to wake up feeling refreshed and energized. You also get the added benefit of reduced worry, stress, and irritability while also supporting mental harmony and emotional stability.

That device is called the BrainTap headset. The above are just some of the many benefits of the invention, according to the device makers and interestingly, while it is a relatively new device, it has gained more than a handful of users with many of them leaving favorable reviews about the product.

Reviewing the BrainTap Headset? What Does It Do?

We would all agree that we can find ourselves bogged down at times in our fast-paced world, and “stepping out” of it, even for a short period, can do us a world of good. But what if you cannot literally “step out” of it? This is where BrainTap would come in. Also, if you’ve never tried meditation or had the time to train yourself to meditate, then the new BrainTap headset might be just what you need.

Using a series of sounds and pulsing lights, BrainTap provides you with a quicker and easier route to better relaxation. The Bluetooth-enabled headset is fitted with an LED visor and headphones that help you shut yourself out from the stressors and the rest of the world.

It is easy to use; simply load your preferred audio file (more on this later) using the BrainTap app and place the visor and headset over your head then shut your eyes.

BrainTap Audio Files

To aid your meditation and ease you into a deeper state, the headset has ten guided visualization sessions with over 700 audio sessions in 43 categories that are all available on-demand.  The programs are each created to help specifically with problems such as insomnia, pain management, stress relief, and anxiety.  Many users have reported increased relaxation, healthier sleeping habits, and improved overall quality of life.

Using the BrainTap Headset: Who Can Use It?

Designed to be worn for about 20 minutes per day, the device is fast gaining popularity among wellness practitioners. The devices are also starting to be introduced into offices to help employees reduce stress and “reboot”.

According to BrainTap’s co-founder Michael Porter, it helps the users of the device into healthier new habits, patterns, and positive psychology.  These can include making healthier and better food choices among so many others.

So who can benefit from this technology?

Everyone! As long as they are not sensitive to flashing lights, they can see significant benefits from using the device. The device, with its combination of guided visualization audio-sessions, is a potent tool for developing laser-like focus and improved performance.

Even those with minor light sensitivity can enjoy the device thanks to its adjustable light sensitivity feature. Also, the flashing visor lights can be turned off, and the user can still benefit from the use of the headset.

What Goes on During a BrainTap Session?

Once the headset’s visor is placed over your closed eyes and your headphones placed over your ears, your immersion in the perfect mixture of sound and light begins. You are treated to a beautiful light show as you take in the specially created music and then taken through the BrainTap technology process.

These combined enhance your overall experience and bring about a higher theta/alpha brainwave activity. You may experience colorful geometric patterns or even completely lose track of the lights. The light and sound pulse rate move you from the wide-awake beta to a drowsy/dreamy state of theta as your session progresses.  Soon, your brainwave activity, using the science of Frequency Following Response (FFR), follows the pulse rate of the Neuro-Sensory Algorithms. As it happens, your mind begins to rehearse the improvement and changes you want to see in your life.

BrainTap and Brainwave Entrainment

BrainTap works by entraining the brain. When an external rhythm synchronizes organisms, the organism is being entrained. With BrainTap, our minds are the organisms, and it does this by stimulating specific brainwave frequencies that are known for deep relaxation and improved consciousness.

Through this process, it brings the brain to deeper levels of relaxation, and the guided visualizations then help to form images mentally.

Understanding Visualization and How It Works With BrainTap

Being a primary component of the imagination, visualization remains at the core of the human ability to create, recreate, and dream.

For years, artists, athletes, and inventors have attributed much of their success to their exceptional visualizing ability. Many have reported using visualization to spark their imaginations and reach a high level of performance. Through visualization, BrainTap transports you from a state of fear to a new space of peace, calm, and tranquility – an excellent state for learning or for being able to concentrate.


What Are Brainwave Frequencies?

In stressful situations, our brains naturally enter the fight-or-flight response. To beat the stress, the brain has to get out of it and go into the relaxation response instead.

However, the relaxation will not happen if you primarily generate high beta brainwave activity.  To relax, your brainwave activity has to go into alpha, the intuitive mind, or theta, the inventive mind.

While many believe theta to be the highest and best state for creativity and a mode in which you can make a significant leap in consciousness, theta mode can be challenging to maintain. This is where BrainTap comes in. The Frequency Follow Response (FFR) that is generated through the headset keeps your brain engaged. With regular use of BrainTap, your brain is trained to generate more alpha and theta waves and lesser beta waves.

The Four Brainwave Frequencies

Beta 13-30 Hz

In this state, you are mostly wide awake and active. The beta state is the level of your mind that is reactionary to fears, frustrations, and your negative emotions. Now, you want your brain out of this state as much as possible, as it is usually where stress resides.

Alpha 8-13 Hz

In this frequency, you experience heightened imagination, creativity, and flow. The alpha state is also the highly intuitive mind and is connected with tranquility, relaxation, and daydreaming. In this state, “inward awareness” takes place. Alpha is also a state where super-learning happens.

Theta 4-8 Hz

Theta is the inventive mind. It is the state where your life can be reinvented. It is a meditative state with access to a state of increased learning, creativity, and inspiration.  In this state, the BrainTap headset can help you visualize and achieve your goals.

Delta 1-4 Hz

In the delta state, you are in a deep, dreamless sleep. Delta is the unconscious mind. With the BrainTap headset, it keeps you from falling into this state. This is achieved with the changing patterns of the headset’s light and sound throughout the session.


The Frequency Following Response (FFR)

The Frequency Following Response (FFR) is simply the effect created when light and sound are synchronized. It is how our brains “sync” to the strobe lights, tones, and beats. As your brain syncs with the frequencies, the inner chatter becomes minimal, and you experience better concentration.

Like most users, you will probably need just a few weeks of frequent use to start noticing a sense of inner calm and balance. When you reach that state, you will feel more alert, focused, serene, and more relaxed whenever you find yourself in high-pressure situations.

The Four Key Elements of the BrainTap Headset

BrainTap relies on four major elements to induce brainwave entrainment. We discuss the four elements below.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are embedded tones that the brain follows into a deep state of relaxation. As the tones progress, your brain reaches a high level of performance that would otherwise have taken it years to achieve.  The beats work by tricking your brain into hearing a phantom frequency that isn’t present.

For example, when the 220 Hz carrier tone is played into your left ear and a 226.5 Hz carrier tone into your right ear, your brain catches the difference between two of them (a subtle beat frequency of 6.5 Hz) this frequency has been connected with a deeper meditative state.  Your brain is inclined to follow this frequency leading you to experience a deeper meditative and relaxed state. Also, binaural beats are not new. They have been researched and used for several decades, and they remain a proven self-development tool.

The 10-Cycle Holographic Music

An essential aid to the guided meditations, the ten cycle holographic music is a sonic music technology that produces a 360 degree sound environment.  This sonic environment causes the visualizations to become very real to the mind and help the user completely take advantage of the imagery by creating a more receptive learning state.

Isochronic Tones

A new brainwave entrainment technology, isochronic tones are created manually, and they consist of equal intensity sounds separated by an interval of silence. The tones turn off and on rapidly while the speed depends on the preferred brain frequency. Because of their discrete nature, isochronic tones are straightforward for the brain to follow.

Guided Visualization

The guided visualization process relies mostly on the user.  The individual sets aside a period for relaxation and then imagines mental images of the desired outcome. This activity is carried out during the spoken word sessions to help the listener imagine a literal or symbolic image of the desired outcome from the session.

Like binaural beats, visualization isn’t new. It has been studied for decades and has been shown to influence the mental state, enhance performance, and heal the body.  It is, therefore, not surprising that when combined with other elements and features of BrainTap, the results are always outstanding.


Other Things to Know About BrainTap

How effective are guided visualizations without BrainTap? 

As said earlier, visualization has been around for a very long time. It has been proven several times in the past to be a useful technique for stress relief, self-improvement, and healing, so yes, visualizations can still be successful without BrainTap.

However, with BrainTap, the process is made even more effective thanks to the brainwave entrainment through BrainTap technology. Unlike relaxation systems such as autogenic training, meditation, progressive relaxation, and biofeedback requiring conscious effort, BrainTap does not require that you believe or do the work. All you have to do is dip yourself entirely in the experience instead of creating it.

The function of the lights in the BrainTap Headset

BrainTap’s lights are designed and set to create the best frequency possible for an enjoyable feeling of serenity and balance. The lights work by gently stimulating the ears meridians with gentle pulses. These pulses are soft enough not to be visible to the human eye but effective enough to calm, harmonize, and soothe you.

The two voices on the BrainTap audio session

During an audio session, you may hear a second voice coming from one side of the headphone and then the other. This is intentional. It is a technique called the “Dual Voice Processing” recorded specifically to provide your brain with a complete holographic experience.

To stimulate your right and left hemisphere balance, the second voice moves right to left and back again. While it may seem perplexing at first, your brain adapts in no time. Even before it adapts, you don’t have to pay attention to these voices consciously, you just relax and let it happen.

You can always opt for the single voice sessions instead of the dual voice. They are marked “DV” and “SV,” so it’s easy to tell them apart.

BrainTap Facts

The BrainTap headset is comfortable to use, safe, and enjoyable. There are no additional efforts required to make use of the device effectively.

A twenty-minute BrainTap session increases blood flow to the brain. And with enhanced blood flow comes better concentration, imagination, memory, and improved creativity.

The device produces the relaxation response which then enhances brain chemistry by increasing the serotonin and beta-endorphin levels that calms, balances and causes you to feel more focused, happy, and alert.

Many users of the device have reported improved sleep, more energy, and optimism, and a better sense of overall wellbeing.

While brainwave technology is not new, the founders have spent years crafting and improving the technology. Several people have and continue to benefit from BrainTap’s audio-sessions daily.

What Is Included in a BrainTap Package?

In each BrainTap headset package, you get LED-equipped earphones with an attached LED-equipped visor. You also get a standard USB charger, one audio cord, a carrying case, a user manual, and the founder’s choice program accessible on the BrainTap Pro app.

To use the headset, you will need an audio file encoded with Neuro-Sensory Sensory Algorithms® or AudioStrobe®, an iPod, iPad, Android, or an iPhone to listen through the BrainTap Pro app. You can also listen to sessions downloaded from with a digital audio device of your choice.


Sold at over $500, BrainTap may not be the cheapest brainwave headset out there. However, for an app that allows you to reach deeper meditative states without requiring years of practice, but still leads you to mental clarity, we see it as an excellent investment.

Your overall wellbeing should be a priority. Not only does this device enhance sleep, so you wake up rejuvenated and energized among its other functions, it lessens stress, irritability, and worries while also improving emotional stability and mental clarity.

BrainTap lessens negative self-talk, destructive habits, and impulses, letting you explore your deeper self. In this state, you will be able to experience the joy of a higher state of consciousness, making it easy to attract and manifest the things you want.


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