My legacy, what is left of me when I move to the higher ground of life beyond life, remains but bittersweet pieces for others to put together of my life and my memories. Moments in time left undone but still existing in the Universe. In a previous poem, I wrote words relating similarly to this topic. “The greater truth from the greater self, our eyes blind to see. Unveil the shadow before thine eyes, propel your life to be.” Taking steps toward the realization of my personal legend which will leave my legacy in life has been challenging, rewarding, educational and uplifting, but those are simplified, small stepping stones to the real deal. I still do not know what my personal legend is. I can humbly admit this fact. What has changed though, I now have the mindset to “propel my life to be”. A thought process I have not acted on until recently.

Leaving memories and a legacy is a key part of our lives. Historians, Writers, Actors, are examples of all who have left legacies, their marks in this world. Each has profoundly been awarded achievements, authored epic novels and created classic films. All mastered moments of impact in which we remember them. There is a certain level of magnitude that goes into marking the world with “you”. A magnitude that commonly gets swept under the rug. People in nature, have a divine, built-in feature of being great at something. It is how the human mind works. It is up to us to uncover what it is that we are great at and give into it.

Ideally, I would like to believe my personal legend embodies goodness, kindness, happiness, and brilliance. Qualities in which I know I would want to be remembered for. The best part of me that my children can be proud of. Something they can brag about to their children, and their children’s children. A lineage of comfort from memories of who I was to them. Leaving all materialistic value to the side and leaving them something to hold on to. A memoir, novel or even a book of short stories will be authored and printed by myself. A piece of me I will leave to my girls, (and the world) to learn what I have learned in life, know what I know and feel what I have felt.

Legacies should not be mistaken for value. Royalty, hierarchy, and status know no bounds to the legacies people can leave. You do not need money to create your legacy. What you do need, however, is a translucent insight into the soul of who you are, what you are great at and the positive forces you radiate into life around you. That is something I am still and now working on.


ALCHEMY by KerriAnn Marden

one part soul

two parts heart

logic mixed in between


a blend we create

a blend of what?




bringing us

closer than the

eyes can





dominoes knowledge

into effect




before us

within our reach


but why do we hold back?


the greater truth

from the greater self


our eyes

blind to see


unveil the shadow

before thine eyes


propel your life to be

Kerri Marden

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