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I was quite shy as a child with little self-confidence, I grew into a naive and anxious teenager, which made the big wide world feel very big and very wide! like a babe in the woods, I went out into the world and found quite a few people, who took advantage of my unsuspecting nature. These encounters left me emotionally scarred, I never spoke of what happened to me until I started meditating and realizing what had happened to me and how it wasn’t ok. Meditation has a great way of opening you up and making you look within yourself, I now believe this to be such a healthy and important part of mine or anyone’s life. Meditation has always balanced me, made me aware of what I should be focusing on and made me deal with my subconsciously suppressed emotions and feelings, these slowly rose to the surface and I found myself finally able to have some cleansing, emotional and honest talks with my husband. I began to really enjoy and appreciate each meditation finding such a natural high, that I would often say to people that I didn’t understand why people would pay for an illegal high when you can get this high for free! I had come from a place of denial to a place of self-loathing to a place of acceptance and finally self-love.

Wishing the meditation classes were more frequent and wanting to spread the word of the wonderful benefits of meditation, I started to convert my garage at the end of my garden. The aim was to offer a calm and welcoming place for people to come and be at one with themselves. Slowly but surely the word spread and others have been able to find many benefits from their meditations, I introduce a word of the week which I find helps to keep people mindful as they go about their week and we catch up on the word when we meet again to share our experiences.

I find myself continually learning from meditation, about myself and others, it has brought me acceptance, balance, self-knowledge, and self-love which I will be eternally grateful. I shall continue my journey to spread the peace, love, and light. Namaste

Michelle Dorman

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  1. An inspiration. May you continue to grow and help others grow with you. Offering people time is a special gift.

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