Mindful Relationship Habits – 7 Tips to Maintain a Happy Relationship

Many have been there; the first few months of the relationship seemed something out of the ordinary. Our partners seem flawless, they simply can do no wrong, and we count ourselves lucky to have found them. What’s more, we’re even motivated to self-improve and be a better person for them.

But as time rolls by and the relationship matures, the infatuation and love fade a little, the “novelty” about the new partner starts to fizzle, and sure enough, most are on their way back to their old ways.

While this may not be the case for everyone, the fact is, the strength of relationships is truly determined after the “honeymoon phase”.  What can you do at this point to keep from feeling disconnected from your partner?

Maybe you’re worried that your once beautiful relationship may hit the rocks if you don’t do something to keep it fresh. If any of the above is a concern to you, then continue reading. In this article on mindful relationship habits, we’ll share some proven tips to maintain a happy relationship and rekindle the love and admiration you share.

Create a Relationship Goal

Goal setting is beneficial in virtually every aspect of our lives. Having set goals keeps you on track, and these goals can range from career, health, life, and of course, relationships.

Having a clear relationship vision enables you to stay more mindful of your relationship expectations and objectives. When you and your significant other discuss your goals, you both form an image that is concerned about shared goals even while still taking care of individual needs and goals.

This will help ensure that there are no arguments about differences in aspirations and expectations in the relationship.

So, go on, take that step today, create a relationship goal.

Handle Conflicts Properly

In all human relationships, there are bound to be conflicts, and a romantic relationship is no exception. Disagreements are normal and do not break relationships; what breaks relationships is how we handle them.

When a discussion or an argument begins on a sour note, you can almost be sure that it will end on a negative note. Most of the time, the outcome of a discussion is determined by the first few minutes. If your conversations in a relationship consistently begin on a harsh note, it can be damaging to the relationship.

Having fights over some issues isn’t really enough to conclude that there is trouble in your relationship. Conflicts, when handled properly, can improve your relationship because it provides a chance to talk about the problems in your relationship. If you never fight or talk about the issues in your relationship, you’ll have a hard time solving them.

As issues arise, deal with them constructively, this will help you better understand each other and reach an amicable solution or a compromise that works for the two of you.

Be Honest and Genuine About Your Expectations

You’re not a mind reader, don’t try to second-guess or assume you know the needs of your partner. You may have a lot of things in common, but you are both still different individuals.

To help you with this, you have to start by knowing your own needs first. Being aware of your needs will help you remember that your partner’s needs may be different and also help you accept this difference without being judgmental.

Create Mutually Agreed Roles

Relationships often fail because the individual roles of both parties were not agreed upon or given due respect. Being aware of each other’s character and appreciating the effort that goes into it helps.

For one, awareness and gratitude of each other’s role will eliminate the feeling of being dismissed, waved aside, taken for granted, or underappreciated.

Awareness and gratitude will also foster a feeling of happiness and improve the relationship. If saying “thank you” for the littlest favors has never been your “thing”, then it is time to learn and practice it. Showing appreciation for even the smallest things goes a long way to build a relationship.

Love Yourself

This sounds cliché, but it’s the truth and a vital part of any romantic relationship. When you fully love yourself, you will not be compelled to look to your significant other to make up for your shortcomings – whether perceived or real. Loving yourself means that you know that you’re a complete being, and as such, do not require others to complete you.

If you’re comfortable with yourself, you’ll naturally be more comfortable with your significant other. This, in turn, builds a great sense of personal value, making it easy to create and maintain healthy boundaries, openly communicate and forgive yourself and your significant other for little mistakes and shortcomings.

Also, besides being empowering, love, and deep appreciation for self is also attractive.

Maintain Friendships With Others Outside Your Relationship

This is where many couples miss it. Many go into relationships with their entire beings invested in it, it shouldn’t be this way. Allow mutual trust, devote time, or learn to be inclined to go out and be with others outside your relationship.

Building a true friendship with others gives you amazing support, fresh ideas, and company when you need it. Never underestimate the power you gain from being part of a community if you’re looking to build internal strength and significantly reduce stress.

Be Vulnerable

True, the mere thought of opening yourself up to another can be terrifying. Laying bare your soul and insecurities or fears with another is frightening, and this is understandable. You have no idea how they’ll respond once you let them in.

While your fears are not unfounded, you cannot have a truly fulfilling relationship with your significant other if both you and your partner aren’t ready to be vulnerable with one another. It’s just not going to happen, you’ll still be strangers, and this is the same with close, non-romantic friendships with others.

Being vulnerable with others generally promotes trust, and for any relationship to last, trust is essential, not just in romantic relationships.

Having vulnerable discussions strengthens the bond you share with your significant other while also boosting your self-confidence.

The tips above for building and maintaining a mindful relationship when incorporated takes time and practice to work, but if you keep at it, the rewards are always worth it.

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