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Proven to be an effective treatment for anxiety, mindfulness brings your attention to the present moment. It helps you remain grateful for the things in your life that you may otherwise have overlooked. By practicing mindfulness, you realize how blessed you are for even the “simplest” things such as the air you breathe, your home, family, your job, and the friends in your life.

Mindfulness is also an effective way out of excessive thinking and mental activity. Mindfulness helps you want to live your life to the fullest, realizing how precious these fleeting moments really are. And on the days the negative thoughts try to crawl in and take over your mind, practicing mindfulness can help to change your day in a big way.

On some days though, staying mindful may not always be easy. This is when a little reminder becomes necessary. This reminder can come in any form; A mindfulness app popping up reminders to help you stay grateful even when you don’t feel like it, a mindfulness ball to help you reduce stress and anxiety and take charge of your day or a set of mindfulness cards that lays out a clear and straightforward route to mindful awareness.

Just a little reminder or using any of the above will change your day for the better. If you’re being honest with yourself, then you probably need that little reminder more than just on the odd occasion.

If you’d like to improve your mindfulness practice or just starting out on mindful living and feel you could use some help on this lifestyle, you’re in the right place. We have reviewed two mindfulness tools from the MindPanda team that you can incorporate into your practice to help you remain mindful throughout the day. The tools are:

The MindPanda Mind & Hand Therapy Stress Ball Bundle


The MindPanda 30 Days of Mindfulness Cards

The MindPanda Mind & Hand Therapy Stress Ball Bundle

Stress balls aren’t just pieces of branded material given away by companies at trade shows; The right ones are a lot more than that.  If you regularly experience stress and anxiety, ridding yourself of it can be a challenge, especially if you’re at work or just not at a suitable location to practice a mindfulness exercise.

In these cases, stress balls can make all the difference. Simply grab one and give it a good squeeze to relieve the tension in your body and relax.  Even after office hours or at home after sitting at the computer all day, stress balls can be useful for working out any tension in your wrists, hands, and arms.

However, there are two main things you should consider before you buy a stress ball. The stress ball you pick should fit into your hands without straining them excessively, and be made of a material that is malleable enough for squeezing and exercising your hand.

These features are just what the MindPanda Stress Ball offers you.  Unlike some of the stress balls we have used in the past, the MindPanda Stress Balls provided you with a natural way to de-stress after a long day at work. One thing we found particularly fascinating was the soothing aromas emitting from the balls. Just like MindPanda promised, the aromas have focus-enhancing abilities which are conducive to healthier thoughts.

A few of our team also noticed how their grip had improved after several days of consistent use. If you’re trying the MindPanda Stress Ball for the first time, you should consult the FreeHand Therapy Guide included in the package. When done correctly with the help of the guide, you’ll notice how much your hand mobility and grip improves, and there will be a significant increase in blood flow to stressed and tense areas such as your hands, fingers, and forearm.

MindPanda’s calming aromas, alongside its positive messages, can be an excellent aid for people dealing with OCD, ADHD, and spectrum disorders. The package also comes with a free Mindful Coloring Book for some extra color therapy, though this is in PDF format.

We also like that the balls are BPA-free and the tear-resistant TPR gel core and smooth touch fabric that helps to maintain the balls’ shape.

We have tested many products over the years, but this is one we’ll definitely recommend for anyone new to mindful living or those who are interested in improving their current practice. MindPanda Stress Balls can be a great addition to your daily routine. Whether you’re waking up and meditating before you begin your day, take mindfulness breaks at work, or you simply need some servings of positivity during your day – the stress balls serve this purpose well.

You’ll love the aroma of the balls and the way they successfully capture your attention and direct your thoughts towards the inscription on each of the balls. Even if you’re just starting the mindful lifestyle or just not big on it, you’ll find the themes; Gratitude, mindfulness, and positivity helpful for improving your mood when needed.

The three fragrances on each ball are great for reducing stress; Blue – Lemon, Green – Rosemary, Purple – Jasmine, all three aromas known for their calming abilities and mood-improving qualities. The balls also come in different sizes for different hand types and also with varying levels of resistance.

Overall, Mindpanda Stress Balls is a great product that you should seriously consider investing in. They are very affordable so, you can purchase and send several of them as gifts to family, friends, staff, or colleagues. They’ll appreciate it!

MindPanda Mindfulness Cards – Self Care – Empowering Therapy Cards

Suitable for different levels of practitioners, MindPanda Mindfulness Cards have been designed to enhance creativity, productivity, and to reduce stress.

There are so many things to love about this product. The beautifully packaged series of cards sets you on the route to mindful awareness.  On one side of the card, there is a practice to attempt and a quote or an explanation on the other side. Even though we have been practicing mindfulness for years, we loved how the cards energize our practice by taking us back to the basics that we tend to overlook sometimes.

The box comes with a nicely designed journal to help you track the month’s use and personalize your experience. The detailed instructions attached answers every possible question users may have about this product.

If you’re a long-time mindfulness practitioner looking to deepen your practice or you’re new and trying to explore the life-changing effects of mindfulness, you’ll find this product helpful.

Each pack comes with a Getting Started guide, a Daily Checklist to help you track your progress, and a journal with guided prompts to aid your journaling. There is a card for each day of the month to guide you through all the 30 days of Mindfulness. All you need do is pick one card each day from the top of the stack and begin your first task of the day. As said earlier, the front of each card has a quote, and it is intended to get you motivated for that task or a thought for the day ahead.

There are different tasks for each day, and they can range from mindful eating, coloring exercises, and various meditation styles to journaling, gratitude exercises, and self-reflection.
That is not all; The Mindfulness Cards can be used with a group, your whole family, a spouse, or in the classroom with students.

There are also coloring exercises, a free E-book, and coloring PDF included in the package.

Final Words

Overall, you’ll enjoy using both the Stress Balls and the Mindfulness Cards. Though there is not much to choose between them, our personal favorite has been the mindfulness balls. This is not just for their effectiveness for stress relief but also because of the scent they somehow manage to retain after repeated uses.

If you would like to use these in a group, then you can contact the MindPanda team. This way, you’ll be sent all the needed pages, so you’re able to print as many copies as needed. The pack can also be reused or gifted to a friend when you’re done with it for the month.

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  1. My hubby broke his collarbone so I purchased the therapy stress balls to help exercise. They are really good, in fact so good the whole family want them. Love the positive messages and really helping injury recovery.

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