Getting in the Zone: 5 Ways to Snap Yourself Into Prime Focus

Although you might associate the phrase “getting in the zone” with athletes, artists, or businessmen, there are people from all walks of life (and all occupational fields) who benefit significantly from having a solid way to focus their energy and achieve their goals.

In this article, we’re going to be looking at five different ways to snap yourself into prime focus and find a place within yourself that allows you to succeed at whatever task you need to accomplish. Let’s begin our list with…

1 – Getting in the zone with the right environment

Whatever your goal, being in the right environment is absolutely essential to getting in the zone and completing the task at hand. Figuring out where you focus best should be your first step when figuring out how to improve your flow (be it work or hobby-based).

If you’re looking to become better at meditation, for example, then maybe seek out the best place for you; somewhere quiet where you can really concentrate on your inner thoughts. Perhaps you can clear up a spare room or try it out in your garden? You can learn how to create a meditation room here.

Of course, the exact opposite can also be true. Say you need to finish an essay for school but can’t quite focus with the quiet solitude of your bedroom. Perhaps you’re a person who’ll be able to really concentrate and focus on your goal if you’re situated in a more lively environment? You could try working in a cafe or a shared workplace.

2 – Eliminate distractions to focus better

Distraction can be a real hindrance to getting in the zone and focusing your mind on whatever it is you need to accomplish. We’re not just talking about the distraction of families and friends, though. Distraction can come in many forms, such as:

  • Your phone – These are one of the worst distractions when you’re trying to concentrate. Whether you’re looking to find peace and master a new yoga move or trying to put together a presentation, phones have to be far away from you. You can put them on silent mode or take them out of the room. Either way, stop checking your notifications!
  • Close the door – You don’t have to isolate yourself entirely, but simply closing the door or moving to a separate, quieter part of the house can be massively helpful. You’ll feel at ease to make mistakes and concentrate on the end goal.
  • TV / Radio – Some of us work better with music or background noise. The vast majority, however, will only find distraction and procrastination by streaming their favorite show or listening to their newest album.

Focusing on a task and getting in the zone will be sped up much more if you can get rid of external distractions and finetune your flow. Don’t be worried about missing out on group chats. You’ll have plenty of time to catch up with your friends afterward.

3 – Look after your mind and body

If your goal involves athletics or general fitness, then it should go without saying that exercise will be a big part of your daily routine. Many of us don’t work out enough, though. So when we’re ready to accomplish our dreams and goals, we’re filled with pent-up energy or feeling down in the dumps because we’re so unhealthy.

Honing your fitness levels and becoming a healthier person can help you work harder, smarter, and achieve more tasks you previously thought impossible. It’s simple to get started with diet and exercise – you don’t need fancy equipment or a gym membership.

  1. Eat right and feel better – Diet plays a huge role in the way our brain works. Ditch the junk food and treats and start eating healthier; you’ll soon see the benefits.
  2. Take a stroll – Walking for just a short while each day is one of the best ways to get your body healthier and to relax your brain. You’ll be ready to rumble and get in the zone once you’ve had a quick stroll.
  3. Join a club – Whether it’s an evening running group or a local cycling club, exercising with new friends provides so many benefits. You’ll get more out of it, and in turn, your body and mind will be nimble and primed to focus on tasks.

As you can see, getting a little bit healthier needn’t be a long, drawn-out affair. Just eat right and put in a bit more effort each day, and you’ll soon see the benefits it provides.

4 – Find the right motivation

Many people focus on external factors when they try to accomplish a goal and get in the zone. If you’re hoping to win a big game, need to nail an interview, have to meet a deadline; or can’t seem to cook very well, then maybe you’re focusing too much on outside influences?

Your motivation should be within you; it should be a driving force that’s intrinsic and driven by self-determination. Do what needs doing because YOU want to do it. Not because someone tells you to or because it’s what you think is expected of you.

So many people lose sight of their dreams and goals because they can’t get in the zone. More often than not, you’ll find that motivation is the biggest determining factor. Do what needs to be done because it’s what you desire, and your focus will never fail.

5 – Know when to take breaks

Considering all our talk about avoiding distractions and focusing on tasks, you might be surprised by this entry in the list. However, knowing when to take breaks at the right time (and for the right amount of time) is equally as important.

Some people operate efficiently and get in the zone using methods such as the Pomodoro technique. This is a time management system that can be used for hobbies/training/work, pretty much anything you want.

The main way it works is simple; break down whatever you are doing into intervals of 25 minutes, taking short breaks between. You’ll soon find it easier to focus on your goal and be much more enthused after each little break.

Of course, these types of techniques don’t work for everyone – nor should they. We’re all different, and that’s something to be proud of. Perhaps another time management system will work best for you?

Now that we’ve reached the end of our list, make sure you’ve truly absorbed everything we’ve said and understand how each of these points can make a world of difference in helping your focus. You’ll be in the zone in no time at all!

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